ReX-T 4 launched


We are very proud to – finally – announce the long-awaited launch of ReX-T, our tool for developing and testing regular expressions.

ReX-T 4 features a heap of innovations, including...

  • A brand new Library where you can store, edit, and recall your patterns and that comes preloaded with more than 60 pattern elements and useful regex patterns
  • Shows matches in various character encodings like UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO Latin and so on.
  • A Sample Code Generator that lets you integrate the pattern you developed with ReX-T into your own source code within seconds.
  • A comprehensive online help, including a great Regular Expression Glossary which gets you started on regular expressions quickly.


If you want to knw how ReX-T looks, here are a few screenshots for you.

01 Main Window.png

02 Library with Details.png

03 Sample Code.png

04 Help Glossary.png

Get your copy now!

Head over to the App Store and get ReX-T. Hurry, the introductory price is valid only for a limited time.


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