About Esclepius

Esclepius Software LLC was founded in 2008 by Frank Bitterlich and Michael de Haan.

Frank Bitterlich is an expert software designer, who heads the IT department of a service provider for the German Red Cross. In his spare time, he wrote software that was adopted by NFL Europe to display their game clock, using nothing more than a laptop. He is an expert in Objective C, PHP and Python. His keen sense of flawless user interface design drives the company to produce software that is both pleasing, powerful and dynamic.

Michael de Haan has been in the medical profession for 30 years and is keenly interested in how technology can help make time-critical decisions. The ability to obtain information in a timely manner on hardware that is both mobile and small will improve the way physicians manage their patients. The symbiosis of these two approaches is what drives Esclepius.

Our Mission Statement

We want to produce high quality interactive software that changes the way we think about using technology.

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