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The ReX-T Preferences Window


The Preferences window lets you manage how ReX-T behaves.

To access the preferences,

Image Preferences Window


If you click the button labelled Reset Don't ask me warnings button, this will reset the suppression of warning messages where you have perviously clicked the Don't show again checkbox. These warnings will from then on appear again.


Show invisible characters

If this checkbox is on, invisible characters (like spaces, tabs etc.) in search results are made visible.

Match location

Search results are shown with a nomeric location. Choose whether you want the location of search results zero-based (the first character is location 0) or one-based (the first character is shown as location 1.)

Pattern history limit

The main window contains a "history" popup which keeps the most-recently used search patterns. You can set how many of these patterns are kept in this popup menu.

Delete Pattern History

This empties the pattern history popup. Be careful, this cannot be undone.


Reset Library to Factory Default

This button will delete your Pattern Library and replace it with the one supplied by ReX-T. All patterns that you added or modified will be lost. Be careful, this cannot be undone.

Show Edit window when adding a new pattern

If this checkbox is on, when you add a new pattern to the library, the editor window will open automatically to let you edit/amend the new pattern right away.

Library Backup

Enable daily automatic backup

When this checkbox is one, ReX-T will automatically make a backup copy of your pattern library once a day. If ReX-T is not running when a backup is due, it will make that backup the next time you run ReX-T.

Backup Library Now

This allows you to make a backup copy right now, independent from the daily backup schedule.

Show Backup

This will open a Finder window to show you were your Library backup is.

Restore from a backup

The library backup that ReX-T generates (either daily, or by pressing the Backup Library Now button) is a JSON-formatted file. If you ever need to restore that backup, follow the following steps:

  1. Find the backup file by clicking the show Backup button and move/copy that file to an easy-to-find location (such as your desktop.)
  2. Click the Reset Library to Factory Default button to reset your library.
  3. Open the library window (click the Pattern Library button in the main window)
  4. In the library window, click the gear button and select Import JSON
  5. Locate and import the backup file from that easy-to-find location that you copied it to earlier.

Sample Code Generator

Sample code output

Choose which language (Swift, Objective-C, or both) the sample code generator uses. If the Verbose checkbox is on, the sample code contains a generous amount of comments to help you understand the generated code.

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