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ReX-T Tutorial

Introduction and Tutorial

So, you’re new to ReX-T. Thanks for using our software! Let’s get you started in no time.

Step 1: Enter a regular expression

The main window has two big text fields: One called „Source Text“, and the other one called „Search Pattern“.

Image Tour-01

Click into the latter one, labelled „Search Pattern“, remove any content (if there is any), and enter the following regular expression:


Make sure that you enter it exactly as shown here. You can also copy it from here and paste it into the Search Pattern field.

Step 2: Enter some source text

Enter the following text into the Source Text field:

Please, Sir, is this New Zealand or Australia?

Step 3: Search

Make sure that all options – especially „Case Insensitive“ - are switched off. The click the „Search“ button.

In the result table at the bottom of the window you should see the following results:

Image: Search Results

The regular expression that we have used here matches all words that begin with an uppercase letter. So the result shows all parts of the source text that match this pattern.

Step 4: Drill down into the results

Now click on the result line that says „Zealand“. When you do this, it will highlight the found passage in the source text.

Image: Result Highlight

When you click on the little disclosure triangle to the left of the word „Zealand“, you see this:

Image: Submatches

These are the submatches, caused by the capturing groups in the pattern (basically, anything in parentheses.)

Further Reading

This is the end of our little tutorial. You may want to also read:

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