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When you get an error message about generating the placeholder text

I'm getting an error message saying my placeholder text is too short. Why?

You may encounter an error message that your placeholder text could not be generated because the template text is too short.

This happens when the text template contains fewer than five words.

But have a longer text, and still get this message - why?

ESL Text Generator lets you choose how many words your placeholder text should contain. Since the app does not understand the actual language of your text, it detects where a word ends and the next one begins by looking for space characters (ASCII code 32 or 0x20). Some languages do not separate words with spaces, like - for example - Chinese and, sometimes, Japanese.

If you have a text, even a longer one, that contains no spaces, ESL Text Generate sees just one word - and so it cannot give you the number of words you request.

Since ESL Text Generator depends on the words being separated with spaces, it dos not work with texts that do not contain any spaces.

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