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ReX-T: Editing Library Patterns

The pattern edit window

Patterns that you have added to the library yourself can be edited. You can add or change a title, description, or the actual pattern, and you can add some example text to explain the use of that pattern.

Image Pattern Edit Window

To edit the title, pattern, description or example text of the library entry, just use the fields on the left part of the window and click “Save Changes” when you’re done.

The Example Components editor

The right part of the window can assist you in creating a beautifully-formatted and structured example text for your pattern. You can write the individual parts of the example text - example pattern, source text, and note - and click the “Create Example” button to generate the formatted text in the Example field on the left side.

The “Range(s)” field contains one or more range specifiers that are used to create the “Match” section (see picture above.) In most cases you do not need to change this; it will be automatically generated when a new pattern is created. If you do need to edit the ranges, they have to be written in the following format:


<location> and <length> are numbers that describe what part of the source text was matched (for example {5,3} means “characters 5 thru 7” – location=5, length=3.)

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